About Ryan Singer:

BIRTHPLACE: Cedar City, Utah, 1973
HOMETOWN: Tuba City, Arizona

INFLUENCE: As a child I was fascinated by the graphics of comic books. Gradually I was introduced to Salvador Dali, Pushead, Robert Williams, Mark Ryden, The Pizz, Coop, Jeff Soto and Doze Green. These all had a tremendous effect on my style. Native influences were my uncle Ed Singer, T.C. Cannon and Fritz Scholder. And more recently the likes of Bahe Whitethorne Shonto Begay and Steven Yazzie.

SUBSTANCE: As I matured I began to learn more about my identity. I focused on my feelings of being a Native American. I looked toward other Native American artists' work, their trials, tribulations and passion. I developed a desire to explore art by using social elements and stark commentary on my views of contemporary Native America. Racial stereotypes uprooted in my work inadvertently send messages to my viewers. This is entertaining, challenging and satisfying at the same time.

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